Digital inheritance is a concept not yet common-place, however will become extremely important as digital asset technology is further utilized. Several attempts have been made at developing custodial services in order to provide customers a "secure" method of creating a safe haven for digital assets. These services have their pros and cons, however one striking flaw remains: who really owns the asset and is ensuring its safety? Third party custodial services require full trust along with a wealth of crucial information from the consumer. Safe Haven’s Inheriti offers a new solution allowing for the transfer of digital assets in such a way that the initiator (person that desires to make something transferable) cannot be bypassed based on questions practices. Inheriti takes security one step further and does not maintain any critical information to misuse or increase the chances of “foul play”; it is in this area, where standard custodial services fail. Safe Haven's inheritance platform, a patent pending [United States of America, Europe, and China] provides the only true solution ensuring the definitive control of the digital assets.

Inheriti is as vast as it is complex. As such, it is critical that a library of information be provided to meet each interested party's needs. Whether the party be an individual, a partner, a consumer, or a third-party organization, the library below provides a wide range of information ranging from introductory review to high-level protocol and software documentation. Not all information provided may pertain to every user; the library is designed for ease-of-use and focused content. There is an importance in understanding how Inheriti operates solely and in tandem with the SafeKey hardware. The Introduction Paper, User Guide, and Platform Documentation will likely serve the needs of the individual or consumer. Content within these areas will allow for the user to familiarize themselves with the platform and various features. We embrace open-source software. High-level and deep-dive documents have been provided for those who wish to review the technical aspects or interested third-parties. This content can be found within SK-HL-Design Docs, SK-Protocol, and SK-Software Docs. These documents are not necessary for the use of Inheriti. All legal information/documentation pertaining to Inheriti’s filings: copyrights, patents, licensing, are provided. The goal of these documents is to provide an extensive look at Safe Haven's digital inheritance platform: Inheriti.


Throughout the documents you may also see the term “Inheriti” or Safe Haven Inheritance Platform, this is ‘jargon’ used within the organization documentation to identify Inheriti.

  • Inheriti (Introduction Paper) A brief introduction of Inheriti, its purpose, and the terms utilized throughout the User Guide. The Introduction Paper will help you become familiar with the solution.
  • Inheriti (User Guide) A detailed guide on how to use the platform, including the various options and preferences within, and required hardware: SafeKey
  • Inheriti (Platform Documentation) User-friendly information pertaining to the Inheriti platform and use-cases for multiple measures utilized on it.
  • Inheriti (SK-HL-Design Docs) A high-level description of the required SafeKey hardware including, use-case, operational effectiveness, and features.
  • Inheriti (SK-Protocol) The SafeKey Protocol: the FIDO compliant communication that allows for SafeKey’s custom features.
  • Inheriti (Intellectual Property) A library of Inheriti patents, copyrights, and licensing.