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Inheriti Release Notes

Community Edition

Automated Release Notes by grenAutomated Release Notes by gren

Initial Community Edition Release


  • 100% Decentralised by using a 3-Layer Segmentation topology
    • Blockchain (containing the validators and DMS shares)
    • Cold Storage (Beneficiary Shares + PK for decrypting the blockchain shares in conjunction with the cloud stored passphrase)
    • Cloud (Passphrase for private key decryption)
  • Comet wallet integration
  • SafeKey integration

Protection Plans:

  • The Family Circle

Activation Methods (Death Man Switches):

  • Login
  • Mail

SHA Utility & Payment Methods

  • SafeTech MPP Node Server
    • Cost of protection plan creation : 10,000.0 SHA
    • Cost per added store [additions to basic plan] : 1,000.0 SHA (Backup Shares, Backup Validator Shares,...)