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Community Edition

Step-by-step instructions for Inheriti CE


A SafeKey is needed to be able to properly use the Inheriti CE. Please make sure the SafeKey firmware is updated to the latest version. Here you can find instructions on how to update the firmware:

For more information about SafeKey, please go read the SafeKey documentation on

You will need a wallet from either the Comet Chrome browser extension or the Sync browser to sign the transaction that saves the shares to the blockchain and your SafeKey(s). Make sure this wallet holds SHA as this is needed to perform all blockchain related actions.

It's also recommended to clear your browsers cache/history and localstorage before and after having setup a protection plan.

Step 1: Access the Inheriti platform

Go to

Step 2: Login/Register

You will need a SafeID account to make use of Inheriti services. SafeID is the identity-, access-, and payment-management system for all Safe Haven solutions. Click Login or Register on the home page. If you already have a SafeID account, log in and proceed with Step 3. The first time you log in, you will be asked to grant Inheriti (Inheriti) access to your SafeID email address and user profile. Click Yes to continue.

  • If you haven’t yet created a SafeID account, click Register.

  • Enter the correct information in the required fields and click on Register to finish creating your account.

  • Once created, an account verification email will be sent to the email address you provided.

  • Click the verification link in the email to verify your account.

  • Your account should be successfully created and you will be taken to the Home Dashboard where you can proceed with the following step.

Step 3: Adding beneficiaries

Before you can create a Protection Plan and start making your data inheritable, you will need to add beneficiaries. Later on, you will be able to select these beneficiaries as stakeholders in the Protection Plan, who will each receive a share of the data you secure. In the case of The Family Circle, these stakeholders will be your heirs.

  • To add new beneficiaries, go to the navigation menu on the left side of the page and click the beneficiaries menu item.

  • To start adding new beneficiaries, click Add New beneficiary.

  • Enter the contact’s email address and name in the corresponding fields and click Create Contact.

  • If the contact is successfully added, the contact will be displayed in a list on the My beneficiary page.

  • Continue with the next step.

Step 4: Initiate a Protection Plan

On the Home Dashboard and in the navigation menu you can find the various Protection Plans (currently only the Family Circle Protection Plan is available).

  • To get started, click on The Family Circle. You will be taken to the Initiator page where you can start the Protection Plan procedure.

Step 1: Plan details

  • in order for your heirs to comprehend the purpose of the protection plan, the initiator is able to add some protection plan details.

Public data

This information can be seen by your beneficiaries.

Plan Name is mandatory , bascicly a tilte Plan Description is foreseen for you, as the initiator, to explain in your own words to the stakeholders what all this hassle is about.

Private data

This information can only be seen by the plan creator, friendly reminders for yourself ...

Step 2: Beneficiaries

  • Choose the stakeholders among which you would like to distribute your shares. These stakeholders will need to come together to merge the shares and retrieve the data/assets. In the case of The Family Circle, these stakeholders would be your heirs.

  • Choose the number of stakeholders (1-10). Your data will be divided into shares and distributed to the number of stakeholders you choose.

  • Choose the minimum number of stakeholders that need to combine their shares to retrieve the data. This amount can be smaller than the total amount of stakeholders, in which case not all stakeholders need to be present to retrieve the data.

  • Choose the number of stakeholder backups. In the case where one or more stakeholders are missing, the shares of the missing stakeholders can be replaced by the number of backup shares you select. Note that these backup shares are stored on-chain and decrease the threshold of shares needed to retrieve the data, which makes the Protection Plan less decentralised and secure.

  • Select the First Shareholder as the Merge Authority (MA). The MA is the entity that is allowed to release the shares that are stored on-chain in the case the conditions for release are met (deadman switch triggered). The MA can either be a verified TAN member (validator) or the first stakeholder (in the Inheriti CE BETA only the non-TAN option, the first stakeholder, is available).

  • Choose the stakeholders to whom you want to distribute your shares. Select the stakeholders in the drop-down menus from the list of contacts you previously added. Note that Stakeholder #1 will be the Merge Authority and would be for example the oldest heir.

  • Click Next to continue to step 3.

Step 3: Activation Methods

  • Choose your Beneficiaries or deadman switch. This will determine what will trigger the release of your shares. You will be able to choose between two methods: an external validator (e.g. a member of the TAN) or self-validation (deadman switch). In the CE we have only DMS as a choice

  • Use validator

(option not yet available)

  • Use deadman switch

The deadman switch will trigger the release of the shares if the initiator does not perform an action within the amount of time set for the deadman switch.

There are currently two options to choose from:

  • Login-based: deadman switch will trigger if the initiator does not log in within the set amount of time. This will require the initiator to log into the Inheriti platform periodically.

  • Email-based: deadman switch will trigger if the initiator does not click a link sent via email within the set amount of time. This will require the initiator to click a link in an email that is sent periodically.


SMS and phone call DMS are currently disabled for the CE Edition, but are ready to deploy

  • Click the checkbox of your preferred method and select the timeframe for the deadman switch trigger in the corresponding drop-down menu

  • Click Next to continue to step 4.

Step 4: Inheritable Data

  • Enter the data you want to secure and distribute as shares to your stakeholders (relatives, heirs). This data can be a private key, seed, password or any data string you want to make inheritable.


We have foreseen a Data organiser in order to handle data in bulk


This will be added soon.

  • Click Next to continue to step 4.

Step 5: Summary

  • Check and confirm the options you have selected and the data you want to secure.

Step 6: Save

  • The shares will be saved to the blockchain and the corresponding SafeKeys.

  • A message will appear saying ‘Start Saving Plan’.

  • The wallet provider you are using (Comet/Sync) will show a pop up asking you to confirm the transaction to initiate the Protection Plan. Confirm the transaction to continue.


Make sure you have enough SHA on the wallet address you are using. * 10,000 SHA tokens in your Comet wallet for Plan creation * SafeKeys to store the shares * +1,000 SHA for each Beneficiary Backup Share

  • A message will appear asking you to put your finger on the SafeKey within a certain timeframe. The SafeKey will have a blinking light. Touch and hold the SafeKey to start writing the data to the SafeKey.


When the data is being written to the SafeKey, Chrome may display pop ups with warning messages. This is because Chrome has a strict limit on data transmission (40bytes per chunk). The team is aware of this issue and is working to resolve this as this is a browser limitation.

  • Repeat these steps for each Beneficiary.